Odious   Run Time: 2:32

Written by Bill Mallonee for CyBrenJoJosh (BMI) ©1995

forty days and forty nights i guess
i been slightly morose i been slightly depressed
there's an electric fryer in the next room
killing going down here at high noon

now that i've made myself odious
to the greater cross section of our populace

i saw the clinic i heard the screaming
clean out the plumbing saw the body bags leaving
these emotions of love move deep in my heart
i got a molotov cocktail and i wait until dark

well sure it's your body that's nakedly plain
but less than nine months ago it was public domain
i was thinking about the carving knife when i lifted that latch
and those expensive french cosmetics when i lit the match

well am i pissing you off
my beloved public
am i pissing you off
well let's change the subject

Did You Know?

In 1995, when asked why he no longer performs this song live, Bill said, "It would probably be grossly misinterpreted now under the cloud of all the weirdness that's going on there." Bill has also said, "I am not the character nor do I advocate the bombing of abortion clinics. Violence only begets violence. However, one must understand what righteous anger might look like when all options are closed off."

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