BillTunes Nov/Dec 2006   Year: 2006

    5 Brand New Songs

    1. Orphan Eyes YouTube
    2. Crib Notes
    3. Getaway
    4. Got Nowhere
    5. Anyhow

    But Not For Long EP

    1. But Not for Long
    2. On to Bethlehem
    3. She Walks on Roses
    4. Locust Years (live)

    Live at Cornerstone's Acoustic Stage (7/3/02)

    1. Bearing the Load (live)
    2. You've Got the Devil Left to Pay (live)
    3. Dream Coat (live)
    4. Parting Shot (live) YouTube
    5. Summer in Our Veins (live)
    6. Punk Rock's Dead (live)
    7. The Ballad of Russell Perry (live)
    8. She's So Liquid (live)
    9. Life on Other Planets (live) YouTube
    10. Puttin' Out Fires (live)






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