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News From 2005

Dec 12, 2005
Bill Releases Christmas CD, Yonder Shines the Infant Light presents Yonder Shines the Infant Light, a seven-song (plus five bonus VoL songs) Christmas EP by Bill Mallonee.

You have the choice of adding specially-priced additional CDr's ($6) to be mailed to friends/family with postage options, if you're a member.

The brand new songs:
- Knocking At Your Door
- Holy Mother Mary
- Dayspring [Instrumental]
- Come Thou Long Expected Jesus
- 'Tween the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
- Nativity [Instrumental]
- Every Father Knows

Because of fans' requests, we're adding five classic Vigilantes of Love Christmas tracks to the EP, including:
- On to Bethlehem (My Year in Review version)
- Bethlehem (think Jugular days)
- Angels from the Realms of Glory
- Sing Angel Choirs
- On to Bethlehem ('Cross the Big Pond version)

The Christmas EP is a gold CDr with downloadable artwork via PDF file. Song titles and a personal five word message (e.g., "Merry Christmas Grandpa Joe - Frank") appear on your CDr if you post it in your order.

Head on over to: for more information. You don't have to be a member to order the CD, but there is a big benefit! You get the lossless WAV files for only a $9.99 subscription. You can order a CDr for yourself for $3.50, and for $6 each, we'll ship out orders to your friends and family with the personal message!

Here's what Bill has to say about the project:

Yonder Shines the Infant Light was recorded in Athens over a few days last week. It consists of seven brand new songs plus another five Christmas bonus songs I've written and played over the years....

I think it sounds awesome (if I may say so myself!)... I'm so very pleased with how it came out!

It is a great combo of sounds and nuances of Americana, with lush instrumentals, folky ballads and of course reverence for this Holy Season of Christmas when we celebrate the birth of Christ.

I don't think you'll be disappointed....

Wishing everyone here a joyous Season...

bill mallonee

Nov 7, 2005
More Pieces in Place

Please welcome back to this site two old friends: the music page and the news page. The news page is as no-nonsense as ever, while the music page has cleaned up its act with a cleaner look. It's also lost a bit of weight. You may notice that the search functionality is missing. However look for it to reappear in the near future along with a lot of additional tidbits and perspectives about each project.

Oct 8, 2005
Eating an Elephant

Where are all the graphics? Hey, where is all the content! How am I supposed to read about Blister Soul without the selecting the Blister Soul "skin" that I so love?

Relax. It's all coming back (ok, maybe less graphics and probably no skins), but it's going to be a gradual process. The entire Parting Shot site is database driven. Previously it was on Access/ASP and now it is on MySQL/PHP. If you understood and cared about that previous statement, step away from the computer right now and walk around your house three times.

The most important content will be added first, with the rest to follow shortly. For now you can still access the tour schedule via Hopefully within a week all the music pages will be back on the site. Along with the missing content, the new design will reveal itself graduallly.

To those who have sent me tidbits to add over the past months, you will soon see them make their appearance. And to those of you who just returned from your laps around the house, please let me know of any bugs you come across.

Jun 28, 2005
Vigilantes of Love Return!

Bill Mallonee will be performing at the Hot Corner Cafe in Athens tonight. This will be his first show under the VoL moniker since 2001. He will be joined by two new band members.

Jun 27, 2005
Artwork for Hit & Run at Fundamental Records Site

If you didn't get the artwork for the Digital Album Hit & Run, you can now at in the shop area. Just click on the more info button on the Hit & Run icon and you'll see it pop up on the right hand side.

May 28, 2005
Pre-Order Permafrost - New Studio Album

Here's the take directly from the Bill man himself:

I'm getting ready to make a new record...

and i'll be taking pre-orders to get a decent recording fund together... but this time, i'll just cut to the chase:

There will be no enticement to pre-order it based on the acquisition of extra tunes like with Buddy Miller or duets with Thom York or Bjork or guitar solo feuds with Beck.

No, that's out... we've found there's no way we can control the verticals and horizontals of everyone's lives we'd like to work with in such matters...

Soooo the BEST thing to do is make NO promises at all...

EXCEPT that i'll deliver you a great record in 6 months... tops...

(Actually i'm shooting for a quicker turn around than that... i'd like to have it done and end your hands by October's closing...but 6 months gives me a bit of wiggle room...)

Nope, this time it's just this: if you feel led to pony up for a record that ain't made yet, i'll get you that record inside 6 months.

Here's the rub: in order to be able to project what kind of fund we have (and thus how LONG we can use the studio, pay players, mixing, mastering, art work and manufacturing costs, i must have a cut off date for funds by the end of June.

Now, that doesn't mean a record wouldn't be available for you to buy later...

BUT enough funds don't show... then that record won't get made in the first place. (In such a case just refund your money if the fund wasn't strong enough to support the making of the record.)

I hope this doesn't impact things too much for folks. I know summer is full of travel and visits and expensive gas and such...

This record (Permafrost) will set you back $15.00... and that DOES include shipping and handling.

Tim and Jason and I will be setting up the details for the next installment on how, when and where you go about doing this... so please stay tuned... and pass this on...

The "indie-DIY-ride" has been a good one so far!... i'm hoping it'll continue... with about 40 songs going into this one, it looks promising.

Yours with gratitude, bill mallonee

May 3, 2005
Internet Only Release Hit and Run

It's here. The internet-only release via, Hit and Run, is here. More information to come on this site shortly, but to special order, if you're NOT subscribed to Billtunes, order here.

Apr 10, 2005
Friendly Fire Update

We apologize for the delays. Please email us if you need to know more, but FF has truly been shipping this week and should be in your hands by sometime next week. Thanks again.

Jan 1, 2005 is Here!

Finally, in celebration of Bill Mallonee's birthday on January 1st, and the prolific amount of material that never sees the light of day, we launch - a truly unique site that features great music both in high quality mp3s and FLAC files (uncompressed audio files).

Each month, there will always be an album's worth of new material nobody has out there, featuring live tracks, studio recordings, demos, rare old band music and more. Screensavers, writings, video and other rarities are also featured. Also, click on each "Bill Sez" icon and up pops great stories and behind the scenes info regarding certain songs/sessions.

Sign up via the "mall" link. For $9.99 a month or $100.00 a year (save almost $20), you'll get so much of VoL and Mallonee that you'll scream for us to stop. And for the untech savvy or someone with dial-up connections (please get highspeed), for an extra fee (currently $2.50) we will send you a full CD of everything on that month's site.

January's Offerings:

- "Summershine" unreleased track, Summershine recording sessions (2001)
- "Blister Soul" live VOL from Acoustic Cafe 10/20/95
- "The Mercy We Have Found" Acoustic Cafe 2/5/96
- "Solar System" Acoustic Cafe 10/2/00
- "High & Lonesome" WLPN Songwriter sessions 5/8/04
- "Come & Go" from the band, Own Little World
- "Heard You Say" from the band, Own Little World
- "Welcome to Struggleville" from the 1994 CD Welcome to Struggleville

SCREENSAVERS (features songs and pictures from the period):
- Summershine
- Locket
- Perfumed Letter
- Dear Life

- Video clip from VOL Fade to Black DVD

- "Where His Sons & Daugters Are" - A Christmas song
- "Those Heroes" - Find some strength
- "November Wind" - A strong song
- "Unknown and Wounded" - Reflective writing

When you sign up, you'll recieve an email requesting some info and then your username and password will be activated for you at

ENJOY the NEW YEAR with a whole lotta BILL!






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