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October 2007
Interview: "It's An Audible Sigh"
by Brent Thomas, Colossians Three Sixteen
April 2003
Interview: "A Conversation with Bill Mallonee"
by Jason Killingsworth, The Other Journal
September 2002
Interview: "Liquid Futures"
by Brian Quincy Newcomb, HM Magazine
July 2001
Press Conference: Cornerstone 2001
by The Phantom Tollbooth
June 2000
Interview: Bill Mallonee
by Triste
February 2000
Interview: "The 2000 VOL-List Interview"
by Joe Kirk and Chris McAndrew
May 1999
Interview: Chicago, Illinois
by Linda Stonehocker, The Phantom Tollbooth
January 1999
Interview: "Ode to the Road"
by Geoffrey Ashmun, The Other Side, Vol. 35, No. 1
October 1998
Interview: "Vigilantes of Love's Bill Mallonee"
by James Stewart, The Phantom Tollbooth
June 1998
Interview: "Bill Mallonee: The Communiqué Interview"
by David Sims, Communiqué
April 1998
Interview: "Bill Mallonee and the Vigilantes of Love"
Musicians Online
October 1996
Interview: "The Gospel According to VOL"
by Brian Baker, Cincinnati CityBeat
October 1996
Interview: "A Chat with the Guys in Vigilantes of Love"
by Chris Parks and Linda Stonehocker, The Phantom Tollbooth
September 1996
Interview: "Vigilante Voice"
by Brad Caviness, Shout! Magazine
August 1996
Interview: "The 1996 VOL-List Interview"
by Joe Kirk
May 1995
Interview: "The 1995 VOL-List Interview"
by Joe Kirk
January 1993
Interview: "The Success of Vigilance"
by Marc Pilvinsky, Flagpole
July 1992
Interview: "Vigilantes of Love at Cornerstone 92"
by Joe Kirk, The Cutting Edge






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