BillTunes August 2005   Year: 2005

  1. Loving You Last Night (Friendly Fire outtake demo)
  2. Loving You Last Night (Friendly Fire outtake)
  3. Long Letter (added piano part, unlike Dear Outtakes EP)


  1. Paralyzed (from Compass EP)

Live at Acoustic Cafe (1995)

  1. Whatever You Need from Me (live)
  2. Parting Shot (live) YouTube
  3. Welcome to Struggleville (live)
  4. Version of the Truth (live)
  5. Tempest (live)
  6. Judas Skin (live)


  1. We Were Asking for It (VoL unreleased)
  2. Rifle Report (VoL unreleased)
  3. Ploughman (VoL unreleased)






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